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gk question in english with answer

 gk question in english 

1. Which was the first women prime minister of India ?

[A]Indira Gandhi
[B]Sonia Gandhi 
[C]Pratibha Patil 
[D]Sumitra Mahajan

Indira Gandhi

 2.Which was the first man prime minister of India ?

[A]Mahatma Gandhi 
[B]Jawaharlal Nehru
[C]Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel 
[D]Motilal Nehru

Jawaharlal Nehru

 3.Which was the first women chief minister of India ?

[A]Indira Gandhi 
[B]Sucheta Kriplani
[C]Mamata Banerjee
[D]None of these 

Sucheta Kriplani

 4. Which is the largest State in India ?

[A]Uttar Pradesh 
[B]Madhya Pradesh
[D]None of these 


 5. Which is the Smallest  State in India ?

[A]Uttar Pradesh 
[B]Madhya Pradesh


 6.  Who is the First citizen of India ?

[C]Prime Minister
[D]Former Minister 


 7.Who is the Second  citizen of India ?

[C]Prime Minister
[D]Former Minister


 8.Who is the Third  citizen of India ?

[C]Prime Minister
[D]Former Minister

Prime Minister 

 9. When the Indian Peoples celebrate Independence Day

[A]15 August 
[B]14 August 
[C]26 January 
[D]26 August

15 August 

 10. When we celebrate our Indian Republic Day ?

[A]15 August 
[B]14 August 
[C]26 January 
[D]26 August

26 January 

 11. What is the total number of character in Hindi alphabet ?



 12. Who is the composer of the Indian national song ?

[A]Rabindra Nath Tagore
[B]Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
[C]Jibanananda Das
[D]None of these 

Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

 13. How many spokes in National flag of India ?



 14. What is the national song of India ?

[A]Jan Gan Man ..
[B]Vande Mataram...
[C]Sare Jahan se Acha
[D]None of these 

Vande Mataram.

 15.hat is the national anthem of India ?

[A]Jan Gan Man ..
[B]Vande Mataram...
[C]Sare Jahan se Acha
[D]None of these

Jan Gan Man..

 16. What is the national flower of India ?

[D]None of these 


 17. Who was the first female chief justice of India ?

[A]Smt. Leta Sheth
[B]Fathima Beevi
[C]Kiran Bedi
[D]None of these 

Fathima Beevi

 18. How many Indian States have the Hindi language ?



 19. Which of the following is the Hindi script ?

[B]Mass civil
[D]None of these 


 20. What is name of the longest river on the earth ?

[A]Angara River
[B]Amazon River
[C]The Nile 
[D]Selenga River

The Nile

 21. What is the main source of energy for the earth ?



 22. Which continent has not a single volcano ?



 23. What is the smallest ocean in the world ?

[A]Atlantic Ocean
[B]Pacific Ocean 
[C]Arctic Ocean 
[D]Indian Ocean

Arctic Ocean 

 24. Who is the highest mountain in India ?

[A]Nanda Devi
[B]Mount Everest 
[D]None of these 


 25 which  is the highest  mountain of India ?

[A]|Mount Everest 
[C]Nanda Devi
[D]None of these 


 26. Who built the Red fort in Delhi ?

[B]Mohammad Bin Tuglak
[C]Shah Jahan
[D]None of these 

Shah Jahan

 27.  U.S.A What is the currency of it ?



 28. Which is largest lake in India ?

[A]Manasbal Lake,
[B]Wular Lake
[C]Chilika Lake
[D]None of these 

Manasbal Lake,

 29. When we celebrate the Indian Navy day ?

[A]4 November
[B]4 December
[C]6 March
[D]15 August 

4 December

 30.  Who was the first female IPS officer in India ?

[A]Anna Rajam Malhotra
[B]Kiran Bedi
[C]Grace Moriey
[D]None of these 

Kiran Bedi

 31. Who is the first Indian field marshal ?

[A] Arjan Singh 
[B]Jamshedji Manekshaw
[C]Jagjit Singh Aurora 
[D]None of these 

Jamshedji Manekshaw

 32. What  is the height of stumps in cricket ?

[A]27 inches
[B]20 inches
[C]28 inches 
[D]None of these

28 inches 

 33. Which type of lens is used in camera .?

[B]Convex lens
[C]Circular shape 
[D]None of these 

Convex lens

 34. What is Canada's national sport ?

[C]Ice Hockey
[D]Bull Fighting

Ice Hockey

 35.When we celebrate the Indian Post day ?

[A]10 October
[B]11 October
[C]9 October
[D]None of these 

9 October

 36.  Which is India's highest sport award ?

[A]Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award 
[B]Arjuna Award 
[C]Dhayn Chand Award 
[D]None of these 

 Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award

 37. Where is the Wular Lake situated in India ?

[B]Himanchal Pradesh
[C]Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir 

 38. Full Form of EVM is ?

[A]Electronic Voting Machine
[B]Election Voting Machine 
[C]Electric Voting Machine  
[D]None of these 

Electronic Voting Machine

 39. Full Form of LAN 

[A]Local Around Network
[B]Local Area Net 
[C]Local Area Network 
[D]None of  these 

Local Area Network 

 40.  Full Form of DTP is ?

[A]Desk Top Promotion 
[B]Desk Top Publishing
[C]Desk Top Pollution
[D]None of these 

Desk Top Publishing

 41. Full Form of MODEM is ?

[A]Modulator Demodulator
[B]Medium Domain 
[C]Modernization Design
[D]None of these 

Modulator Demodulator

 42.  Full Form of RDX is ?

[A]Reach Development Explosive
[B]Read Development Explosive 
[C]Research Development Explosive 
[D]None of these 

Research Development Explosive 

 43. Full Form of WWW ?

[A]World web wide 
[B]Wide web World 
[C]Web world wide 
[D]World wide web 

World wide web.

 44.  Inaccuracy in computer data is called ?



 45. Full Form of IBM is ?

[A]Indian Business Machine 
[B]International Business Machine 
[C]Italian Business Machine 
[D]None of these 

International Business Machine 

 46.  Full Form of CD is ?

[A]Compression disk 
[B]Compact disk 
[C]Computerized data 
[D]Compress data 

Compact disk 

 47. What is mean by CAD ?

[A]Compute application and design 
[B]Computer algorithm for design 
[C]Computer aided design
[D]None of these 

Computer aided design

 48. One kilobyte (1KB) is equal to ?

[A]1000 bytes 
[B]1024 bytes 
[C]100000 bytes 
[D]None of these 

1024 bytes 

 49. The length of word in computer is called ?



50. Hindi day is celebrated ?

[A]14 November 
[B]5 September
[C]2 December
[D]14 September 

14 September

 51. What is work of Assembler ?

[A]Converting basic language into machine language 
[B]High level language change into machine language 
[C]Converting assembly language into machine language 
[D]None of these 

Converting assembly language into machine language 

 52. Who was the first women Lok Sabha Speaker in India ?

[A]Meera Kumar 
[B]Sushma Swaraj
[C]Sumitra Mahajan 
[D]None of these 

Meera Kumar 

 53. Bihu is one of the most popular dance of which Indian state ?

[D]None of these 


 54. What is longest river in India ?

[D]None of these 

Ganga .

 55. Where is the Pushkar Lake situated in India ?

[B]Himanchal Pradesh 


 56. National Youth day is celebrated on which date ?

[A]15 january
[B]12 january
[C]1 july 
[D]20 August 

12 january.

 57. National Army Day celebrated is ?

[A]4 December 
[B]7 December 
[C]2 October 
[D]15 January 

15 January 

 58. National Sports day celebrated is ?

[A]29 August 
[B]7 December 
[C]2 October 
[D]15 January

29 August 

 59. Who is the  First Indian player to take Hatrick in test cricket  

[A]Kuldeep Yadav
[B]Harbhajan Singh 
[C]Anil Kumble 
[D]Yuzvendra chahal

Harbhajan Singh

 60. Full Form of HTML ?

[A]Hyper text markup language 
[B]Hyper text multiple language 
[C]Hyper text multimedia language 
[D]None of these 

Hyper text markup language 

 61. How long does the earth rotate in a circle ?

[A]360 days 
[B]364 days 
[C]365.25 days 
[D]24 hours 

365.25 days  

 62. What is the magnitude of the earthquake measuring machine ?

[A]Richter Scale and Seismogram
[D]None of these 

Richter Scale and Seismogram

 63. Where did the first underground train in India start ?

[D]None of these 


 64. What is Full Form of BDT ?

[A]Binary digital task 
[B]Bit Digit Task 
[C]Binary Digits Task 
[D]None of these 

Binary Digits Task 

 65. Full Form of ROM ?

[A]Random Only Memory 
[B]Read Only Memory
[C]Right Only Memory
[D]None of these 

Read Only Memory 

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